Candice Cooper

Candice Cooper has in a very short time turned into an original and modern fashion brand that has thrilled large parts of the population with its creative designs.

The designs are especially distinctive, causing many to almost fall in love with the brand whereas others detest it. If you are in the first group, we can confidently guarantee you a consistent shoe partner for life!

Candice Cooper launched its first shoes in 2006. Since then things have moved quickly.

Being a new player in the fashion business is not easy, but constant and uncompromising style has gained the German brand a lot of respect. Candice Cooper is not like other companies – the thought behind the brand is to stand out from the crowd.

Behind the brand is designer Christoph Siegel, who previously had big success with other brands. At the moment his love for Candice Cooper is undivided, which is completely understandable considering the brand’s success.