Fashion and accessories

Rosemunde sells accessories in galore. There is not the kind of unique accessories or clothing you cannot get from Rosemunde.

They designs silktops and manufactures clothing in many different colors and designs. And therefore it is possible to find a Rosemunde top to suit every occasion.

Leather handbags, shoulder bags, weekend bags, shopping bags, handbags, clutches, purses and toilet bags are just examples of a portion of the bag range from Friis & Company.

As Carrie Bradshaw says, “men just have to accept a woman’s right to shoes.

” Friis & Company also has a huge shoes collection, which among others include leather shoes, sandals, ballerinas, flat shoes, high heels and boots.

Friis & Company’s shoe collection offers shoes for all types of weather and occasions, which is just a huge bonus for both you and your feet.

All Friis & Company’s accessories are characterized by contemporary colors and patterns, but Friis & Company can be recognized by their diversity in design and style as well, which just makes the brand even more attractive.

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