Pandora president leaves

According to an announcement from Pandora resigns his post due to ” other work commitments .” This is supposed to be a new entrepreneurial project in question.

President leaves but only post when you have found a replacement during 2014 , according to the message.

Marcello Bottoli was interim CEO of Pandora after a shocking downward revision in August 2011, when the CEO Mikkel Vendelin Olesen had to leave the position.

Seven months later surpassed the score to Norwegian Bjorn Gulden , who stopped again in the summer of 2013 when former chairman Allan Leighton then took over .

In connection with the IPO was Marcello Buttoli appointed as chairman.

“It has been a great honor to be a board member , interim CEO and chairman of Pandora and have helped to create a foundation for the success we have had in 2013 ,” said Marcello Bottoli in the notice to the Exchange. Read more on this blog.